A.G. Roberts

LITE The High Treason Incident

Merion is a young mouse who has worked hard to overcome her physical disability and earn her place as a messenger for the Royal Message Service. Her life is upended when she stumbles on a plot of high treason. In this crisis LITE, the intelligence agency for the country of Lyleechee, is reestablished by Xander Shadow. Merion is recruited to the newly formed LITE Academy as an agent in training. Before she finishes the academy, she is called upon to use her cunning, courage and daring to help foil the plot to take over Lyleechee.

A.G. Roberts

A.G. (Amanda) Roberts writes books for children, young adults, and those who are young at heart. Her stories are imaginative, entertaining, and written with language and situations which are family friendly and read-a-loud friendly. Her writing stems from her love of books, especially books that transport the reader to a different time and place.

She lives in Tennessee and you can see the influence of the southeastern US in many of her books. She has earned a Bachelor of Science, two Master of Arts, a Master of Science, and a doctorate degree and has worked in higher education as an advisor and adjunct professor.

Website: https://www.agrobertsauthor.com/

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