Andrea Fekete (canceled)

Waters Run Wild

2nd Edition and new chapters in this critically acclaimed novel of 18-year-old Jennie and her siblings Ezra, Isaac, Katie, and “Little Bird” Anna May, growing up in a coal camp in 1920 West Virginia, amid the chaos and violence of the famous coal mine war era. The gorgeous Appalachian mountains and worker’s rights’ struggles are the backdrop of their adventures. During this time of union-busting, violence, and ethnic segregation, somehow they find time for romance, friendship, and laughter amid their grief. This novel reflects the poetic, passionate spirit and strength of Appalachian people and nature in flux. Perfect for high school and college literature courses.

Andrea Fekete (canceled)

Andrea Fekete is a coal miner’s daughter and granddaughter to Mexican and Hungarian immigrants raised in the coalfields of West Virginia. She is author of one poetry chapbook and one novel Waters Run Wild. In October 2018, her newest novel-in-progress Native Trees was named a finalist in Still: The Journal’s fiction contest. Her fiction and poetry often appear in journals such as Kentucky Review, Adirondack Review, and in such anthologies as Eyes Glowing at the Edge of the Woods: Fiction and Poetry from West Virginia (WVU Press, 2017) among others. She earned her MA from Marshall University and MFA in Creative Writing from WV Wesleyan College. She and author Lara Lillibridge co-edited an anthology of women’s writing, Feminine Rising: Voices of Power & Invisibility (April 2019). She has been an adjunct professor of English at multiple institutions since 2005 including Ohio University and Marshall University. Learn more here.

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The sixty-three fiction writers and poets within this anthology delve deep into the many senses of place that modern West Virginia, the core of Appalachia, inspires. Throughout this collection, we see profound wonder, questioning, and conflicts involving family, sexual identity, class, discrimination, environmental beauty, and peril, and all the sorts of rebellion, error, contemplation, and contentment that an intrepid soul can devise. These stories and poems, all published within the last fifteen years, are grounded in what it means to live in and identify with a complex place. With a mix of established writers like Jayne Anne Phillips, Norman Jordan, Ann Pancake, Maggie Anderson, and Denise Giardina and fresh voices like Matthew Neill Null, Ida Stewart, Rajia Hassib, and Scott McClanahan, this collection breaks open new visions of all-American landscapes of the heart. By turns rowdy and contemplative, hilarious and bleak, and lyrical and gritty, it is a collage of extraordinary literary visions.


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