Bill Sanders (canceled)

Against the Grain

Editorial cartoonists are an endangered species; even in their heyday they were rare birds. Yet those who wielded the drawing pen had enormous influence and popularity as they caricatured news events and newsmakers into “ink-drenched bombshells” that often said more than the accompanying news stories. Bill Sanders, working in a liberal tradition that stretches back to Thomas Nast and in more recent times includes Herblock, Oliphant, Feiffer, and Trudeau, began his career in the Eisenhower era and is still drawing in the age of Trump. In Against the Grain: Bombthrowing in the Fine American Tradition of Political Cartooning, he shares the experiences that prepared him to inflict his opinions on the readers of the major newspapers he worked for, the 100-plus papers in which he was syndicated, and now, an internet channel.
Bill Sanders (canceled)

Willard “Bill” Sanders began drawing while in grade school in his hometown of Springfield, Tennessee, and never stopped. Also a gifted athlete and musician, he was the starting quarterback at Western Kentucky University, where he met his future wife and played in a band. Drafted during the Ko­rean War, he became an Army journalist and taught himself political cartooning. After his service, he worked first at the Greensboro Daily News, then the Kansas City Star, and finally at the Milwaukee Journal. Sanders has joyfully skewered the powerful and the corrupt, and his cartoons have won many awards and have been syndicated to more than a hundred newspapers. Retired since 1991–but still drawing–he lives with Joyce, his wife of 60-plus years, in Fort Myers, Florida. His current cartoons can be seen at

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