Bobbie Falin

Flashing Dark

When is a rescue not a rescue? When it kills your little brother.

The Earth Alliance Space Marines left a young Vivi Zant screaming on the station dock while the escaping smuggler ship plowed into an unmanned space tug, killing Anthy and everyone else on board.

Now Vivi’s caught in a similar dilemma. Her rescue of a kid from an abandoned space platform has gone awry. When she wakes in a rejuvenation center, she discovers that the child is wandering, alone, on the Moneyworld, where Humans are forbidden.

She knows too well what can happen to unprotected children and she won’t let it happen again. Despite having lost her ship, her partner, and all the tech that kept her in space, Vivi is determined to save the kid.

She’s willing to put the future of the whole Earth Alliance on the line as she takes on the Moneyworld and all the aliens-friends and enemies-that come with it….

Bobbie Falin

Bobbie Falin lives in Bowling Green KY. She began to write novels on cocktail napkins as a waitress while earning a BA in art education from Western KY University. Now she spends her time writing science fiction and fantasy. She reads voraciously, dabbles in 3D art, gardens, and collects beautiful images. And yes, it’s unequivocally true: if there was a space program to explore the stars, she’d be first in line.


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