Brad Aaron Modlin

Everyone At This Party Has Two Names

“Brad Aaron Modlin is at once curious and bemused about our behaviors, the gaps in our understanding, and the questions that seem to have been answered behind our backs…His whimsical metaphors and scenarios suggest that we are in thrall to the belief that by now we should understand everything; by now we should no longer be lonely. An impressive [book] from a poet who is as interesting as he is unpredictable.”

–J. Allyn Rosser, author of Mimi’s Trapeze and Foiled Again.

Brad Aaron Modlin

Brad Aaron Modlin’s poetry book Everyone at This Party Has Two Names won the Cowles Prize and contains the poem, “What You Missed that Day You Were Absent from Fourth Grade.” His short collection of short stories Surviving in Drought won The Cupboard Press’s annual contest. His creative nonfiction has appeared in DIAGRAM, River Teeth, Fourth Genre, and other magazines. A Bowling Green native, he is a professor/the Reynolds Endowed Chair of Creative Writing at University of Nebraska Kearney, where he teaches, coordinates the visiting writers series, and engages campus & community in literary events.

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Other Books by this Author

Fresh water ebbs in the flat lands of the Midwestern near-future, giving way to dried-out clouds and a rolled flood of saltwater seas. What is a house in the face of scarcity and sea rise? How can it contain every love token—every apron, goosefeather, mason jar of earth—and all the hopes they represent? How can mothers and fathers, husbands and wives keep alive their domestic chemistries? Winner of the Cupboard Pamphlet’s Sixth Ever Annual Contest, Brad Aaron Modlin’s Surviving in Drought suggests that even when all is lost to a rising tide, we will still argue in our underwater kitchens, shaking clean our stirring spoons.


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