Brian L. Tucker


It’s 1888, in Hazard, Kentucky…What will one day be known as The French-Eversole Feud (due west of the notorious Hatfields & McCoys) has ignited. Teenager Ezekiel Snopes must recover quickly from the loss of his younger sister—gunned down by a greedy feudist. He must now decide if he wants to live or die, remain at home, or, take a stand against such lawlessness in the Appalachian hills. Regardless of what he does, the feud wages on…This is a real period of American history. And Ezekiel Snopes is just unlucky enough to be born in the midst of it.

Brian L. Tucker

Brian L. Tucker was born in Monticello, KY. His previous works include: Swimming the EchoWheelman, and his story collection, Baptisms & Dogs, which was a finalist for the Linda Bruckheimer Literature prize and copy currently sits in Washington, D.C.’s historic Marine Barracks–Center House. His most recent effort, Pokeweed, is an illustrated historical novella concerning the French-Eversole Feud of Hazard, KY. Brian holds an MFA in Creative Writing from the Bluegrass Writers Studio. He is a member of the Chattanooga Writer’s Guild, teaches creative writing at UT-Chattanooga, and blogs regularly for his neighborhood church, Journey Chattanooga. Learn more here.

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