Dakoda Lynne


Hunter is an 18 year old hitman. With challenges constantly coming his way, and his contract ruining his friendships and relationships around him, will he be able to get out of his contract alive?

He aims. He shoots. He scores. The shot worth ten thousand bucks. A grin spread clear across my face, the actions all thought as I played them out, gun in hand. This quickly became something I loved to do a few months back, it helped to pass the time of the world around me.

Yet, here I am. Hunter Andrew Michaels. Nineteen years old, blonde hair and green eyes. I stand five foot three inches tall, and I go to college at Portland University. I watched my friend, and my best friend, both die right in front of me. I’m still standing, and I’m becoming better.
Dakoda Lynne
Dakoda Lynne is a 21 year old author from Glasgow, Kentucky who self-published through Barnes & Noble Booksellers. When she was 11 years old, she discovered her love for writing, and made it a mission to one day be published.

Currently, she is an indie author who enjoys writing what she reads- Young Adult fiction. She has works ready to be written in almost all genres of fiction, and intends on writing even more.

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