Denarrius Patrick Pennell

The Heights: Chastain Heights

High school comes with its own unique set of challenges, even in an affluent suburb of Atlanta like Chastain Heights. Senior year is a big one for Parker and Evan and with only three months left, they just want to keep their heads down and get through it with as little drama as possible. Things seem to be going well until Parker’s friend Stephanie pulls a prank on Evan that leaves him wanting revenge. He’s set his plot in motion and unknowingly shakes things up by bringing to light secrets that will shake up and forever change the friendships of the senior student body of Chastain Heights High School.

Denarrius Patrick Pennell

Inspired by pop cultures, reality television shows and books involving young adults, author Denarrius Pennell has stuck to his passion for fiction writing for close to a decade. Denarrius spends most of his free time playing video games and watching sports, and always makes out time to attend concerts held at Atlanta, Georgia, where he currently resides with her Bichon Frisé, Rookie. Learn more about his work here


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