Elizabeth Rose Hoffman

Here I’m Happy

Can one find happiness after a tragedy?

Little Squirrel’s childhood has always been full of good, happy times with her Squirrely family. But one day her world gets turned upside down when her Mother becomes sick with cancer. After her mother passes away, Little Squirrel finds herself overwhelmed with sadness and grief. Will happiness ever come again? How can she continue without her mother?

When Little Squirrel is at her lowest point, Papa Squirrel comes and shares his secret to discovering life after loss. Does Little Squirrel ever learn to find happiness again? If so, what is the secret?

Award winning author and illustrator, Elizabeth Rose Hoffman, lost her mom to cancer at the young age of fifteen. And now years later she shares her experience with tragedy, loss and hope into this beautifully illustrated and heart felt story.

Elizabeth Rose Hoffman

Award winning author-illustrator Elizabeth Rose Hoffman lives in a vintage camper nestled in Honeysuckle Holler on her family’s farm in Glasgow, Kentucky. Located nearby is her studio where she writes, designs and illustrates full time. She has written and illustrated a stack of picture books including: Here I’m Happy, A Goat with Many Coats, and Paddy the Pack Rat Pirate. Many of her books are inspired by farm life and the many unforgettable adventures with her beloved dancing goats, sassy chickens and pouncing puppies. She feels incredibly blessed by God to do what makes her heart glad while bringing delight to those around her through her art and stories.


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