Emilie Gill

The Tall Tale of the Giant’s Causeway

A charming, playful picture book tale about how the rivalry between an Irish giant and a Scottish giant lead to the creation of the world-famous Giant’s Causeway. One day, Irish giant Finn McCool spots Scottish giant Benandonner across the sea and they immediately begin arguing about who is the best giant of all. Despite the wise advice of Finn’s wife Oona, they decide the only way to settle their feud is to fight. But to meet, the boastful giants must first build a causeway across the water… Inspired by Celtic folklore, best-selling Scottish children’s author and storyteller Lari Don weaves a tall tale of rivalry and foolishness that recounts the origins of Northern Ireland’s world-famous Giant’s Causeway and its connection to Scotland’s Isle of Staffa. Emilie Gill’s light-hearted, characterful illustrations of the legendary giants will captivate young children.
Emilie Gill

Emilie Gill is the illustrator of The Tall Tale of the Giant’s Causeway (written by Lari Don, available from Floris Books) and All By Myself (written by Stephanie Shaw, available April 11 from Peachtree).

She completed her MA in Children’s Book Illustration from the Cambridge School of Art in the United Kingdom and was shortlisted for the 2021 World Illustration Awards. She was also Highly Commended in the 2021 Macmillan Prize for Illustration.

She grew up in Kentucky, drawing mostly nonexistent creatures and worlds in a house which threatened to collapse beneath the weight of her ever-expanding library. As a child, she couldn’t decide whether she wanted to be a traveling bard, a secret agent, or a professional Adventurer. She still hasn’t decided. Perhaps she will be all three. In the meantime, she makes stories involving those things.

In her spare time she will most likely be found petting dogs or enthusiastically pounding the Star Trek theme song on the piano.

Website:  https://www.emiliegill.com/

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