Gary Bewley

Orphaned No More

Orphaned No More presents the true story of young Henry Clay Morrison and his calling to follow God’s will. Born in 1857 and losing his parents at an early age, Morrison was converted at age 11 during a Methodist revival at the Boyd’s Creek Meetinghouse near Glasgow, Kentucky. Some of the most touching and enduring moments of Morrison’s extraordinary life were those of his childhood, and growing up in a pioneer home helped nurture him into the great spiritual man that God would someday use to accomplish all the mighty works that lay ahead. Henry Clay Morrison grew up to become on of the greatest preachers of his generation. A Methodist minister raised in the heart of rural Kentucky, he was the publisher and editor of the very popular publication, The Pentecostal Herald, and the founder of Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, Kentucky.

Gary Bewley

Gary Bewley is a retired law enforcement officer and minister. A native of Barren County Kentucky, he grew up and lives within two miles of the boyhood home of Rev. Henry Clay Morrison. Gary serves as president of the Morrison Park Camp-meeting Association and along with Nancy Richey led the restoration efforts at the park. In addition, Gary serves on the board of the Barren County Historical Society, and was pleased to be the initiator for the placement of a local monument honoring musician and Barren County native Billy Vaughn. Gary is also an artist, a musician, and spends much time writing religious material to witness and share the truth of God’s word. Although many books have been written by, and about Henry Clay Morrison, Gary felt there was a special need to emphasize and share with young readers, the touching story of Morrison’s early life. This illustrated book, along with much local history, he believes, breathes new life into this 160-year-old story and trusts it will be a great joy and witness to many young people for years to come.

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