Geoffrey Girard

Mary Rose

Mary Rose Moreland and Simon Blake are the perfect couple: successful young professionals in Philadelphia, attractive, madly in love, and ready to start a life together. When they travel to England for Simon to ask her parents’ permission to marry Mary Rose, he learns an unsettling secret. After Simon hears about this disturbing episode in Mary Rose’s childhood, he becomes obsessed with finding out what happened. But as Mary Rose’s behavior gets stranger, the need for Simon to unlock the truth about her past grows even more urgent. What he uncovers is beyond his most terrifying fears. Mary Rose is author Geoffrey Girard’s chilling and modern take on a classic ghost story originally written by J. M. Barrie.
Geoffrey Girard
Geoffrey Girard writes thrillers, historicals, and dark speculative fiction. Simon and Schuster published his first two novels simultaneously in 2013: Cain’s Blood, a techno thriller, and Project Cain, a companion novel for teen/YA readers, which was nominated for a Bram Stoker award. His most recent novels include Mary Rose, a supernatural mystery inspired by a classic ghost story, and Truthers, a thriller set in the murky world of 9/11 conspiracies. He has an MA in English literature and an MFA in creative writing and also ghostwrites memoirs, and publishes fiction (from middle grade to westerns) under various pen names.

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