Greg Howard

The Whispers

Eleven-year-old Riley knows a thing or two about wishes. Ever since his mom disappeared, all he’s been doing is wishing: wishing for her return, wishing he’d stop wetting the bed and wishing his dad would love him again. Finally, with the police investigation stalled and worried his mother might soon be out of time, Riley is desperate for answers. So, he turns to the Whispers, mythical wood creatures who will grant your heart’s desires if you bring them tribute. It’s a story his mother used to tell him every night. He never really believed they were real until one day he hears them call to him, telling him his mother is near. Riley is determined to find the Whispers and ask for the one thing he wants the most: his mother’s return–no matter the cost–especially since he thinks a secret he’s been holding close is the reason she’s gone. This is his chance to make things right. Along with his best friend, his loyal dog and a neighbor boy with secrets of his own, Riley ventures deep into the dark woods–where all sorts of dangers lurk–to find the Whispers and, he hopes, his mother. But what he finds will change everything for Riley forever. Greg Howard stuns in this heartrending, mesmerizing debut about love, magic and what it means to believe in the impossible.

Greg Howard

Greg Howard grew up on the coast of South Carolina where his hometown of Georgetown (also known as the “Ghost Capital of the South” – seriously…there’s a sign), was always a great source of material for his overactive imagination. Raised in a strict, conservative Christian environment, Greg escaped into the arts—singing, playing piano, acting, writing songs, and making up stories. After running away to the bright lights of Nashville, Tennessee with stars in his eyes, he eventually got serious about writing books. Greg writes young adult and middle grade fiction focusing on LGBTQ characters and issues. He has an unhealthy obsession with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. He currently resides in Nashville with his husband, Steve, and their three rescued fur babies—Molly, Toby, and Riley. Greg’s debut young adult novel, Social Intercourse, from Simon and Schuster Books for Young Readers is available now. His debut middle grade book, The Whispers, was published by Putnam/Penguin in January 2019.

Other Books by this Author

Beckett Gaines, a gay teen living in South Carolina, has his world turned upside-down by a jock in this laugh-out-loud novel that’s Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda meets The Parent Trap.

When Beck’s emotionally fragile dad starts dating the recently single (and supposedly lesbian) mom of former bully, Jaxon Parker, Beck is not having it. Jax isn’t happy about the situation either, holding out hope that his moms will reunite and restore the only stable home he’s ever known. Putting aside past differences, the boys plot to derail the budding romance between their parents at their conservative hometown’s first-ever Rainbow Prom. Hearts will be broken, new romance will bloom, but nothing will go down the way Beck and Jax have planned.

In his hilarious and provocative debut, Greg Howard examines the challenges of growing up different in a small southern town through the lens of colorful and unforgettable characters who stay with you long after the last drop of sweet tea.


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