Haiwang Yuan

Becoming a Dragon: Forty Chinese Proverbs for Lifelong Learning and Classroom Study

Proverbs are an important and characteristic feature of Chinese language and culture. There is a Chinese proverb for almost any situation, and judicious use of proverbs is regarded as a sign of good education. Proverbs are often derived from classical stories or historical events and offer a multi-dimensional resource for learning Chinese. Becoming a Dragon: Forty Chinese Proverbs for Lifelong Learning and Classroom Study is a bilingual (English-Chinese) collection of proverbs, popular phrases, and two-part allegorical sayings. Each proverb is set out with all the materials needed for self-study and classroom teaching: the story behind the proverb and its source in both English and Chinese, a literal translation, the figurative meaning, English equivalents, a vocabulary list, and examples of how the proverb is used in modern written and spoken Chinese. Illustrations and vocabulary lists are also available online for use in classroom presentations.

Haiwang Yuan

Haiwang Yuan is a professor and science librarian of the Department of Library Public Services at WKU. With his research interest in Chinese culture, he has authored/co-authored and edited/co-edited 11 books. His most recent books are Becoming a Dragon…(2018) and Mastering Modern Chinese through the Classics (2018). His other major publications include This Is China: What Trump Doesn’t Know About China (2018), Tibetan Folktales (2015), This Is China: The First 5,000 Years (2010), and more. His million-word Encyclopedia of Chinese Ethnic Groups will be published next year.

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