Dr. James Paisley Moss

My Recovery Companion

This book will support you and serve as your companion on the Recovery journey. James P. Moss, M.D. has been on the road to Recovery for the past 25 years. Along the way, he has picked up a treasure trove of timeless wisdom — snippets of advice and guidance collected from group meetings, sponsors, and others along his path — that offered him focused support as he was confronted by or coping with a specific issue or subject. Here, Moss has assembled all of these helpful ideas into a single, alphabetical and easy-to-reference volume for others to use in their own moments of struggle on their journey to Recovery.
Dr. James Paisley Moss

Dr. James Moss is from rural eastern Kentucky. After receiving his doctorate at the University of Louisville and surgical training at the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Louisville, he practiced general and advanced laparoscopic surgery for 27 years.
Dr. Moss is recognized for his innovation and leadership in his specialty and profession. His extensive clinical experience includes invention of the Moss T-tube which became a standard for biliary tract surgery in many universities and hospitals. He was the first surgeon in the English-speaking world to describe the removal without reoperation of a gallstone left behind after surgery. He also devised a laparoscopic classification for hernia presented in London, England.
Dr. Moss has served as a guest lecturer at surgical grand rounds at Harvard University and as a guest faculty member at Yale University. He is a member of numerous honorary and professional societies, holds medical patents, and has published original medical data.

Twenty seven years ago his stepdaughter was diagnosed as bipolar but was using vodka and LSD. Her addiction initiated his 25 year journey of Recovery seeking support, understanding, love, and ultimately the answers that lead to peace of mind. He recorded notes from group meetings, from sponsors and others as well as ones who had experienced the pain of losing a loved one to addiction. The ultimate result of Dr. Moss’ monumental effort is his book which is a wonderfully organized, inspirational, and uplifting tool that helps focus meaningfully on issues at hand.


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