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Kaboom! is intended to be an educational tool to teach mental health concepts to children that empower them to manage and overcome fears, specifically imaginary fears such as at bedtime. It is ideal for children ages 3-10, whose fears are disrupting their ability to get sufficient, restful sleep, and perhaps, putting a strain on parents as they help their child navigate through this difficult challenge. the book is illustrated with entertaining and humorous images of a wild squirrel named MartyLou, photographed by the author.
Jan Trabue

Jan Trabue is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor specializing in anxiety disorders. Though she works with all ages, she particularly enjoys working with young children. In her practice she creates homemade books to help her clients cope and develop more effective behaviors. Jan, who is a wildlife photographer, has combined her images of a wild white squirrel living in her backyard, her love for therapy, and has created children’s books. All ages enjoy the sometimes humorous images of a wild white squirrel interacting with objects in an almost human like way! Jan has co-authored a workbook titled KidLeaders, used by elementary school counselors who oversee developing the leadership talent in students. She has also co-authored a book with her husband who is also a mental health therapist, titled ParentLeaders, a book that helps the parent develop their leadership skills to improve their effectiveness as a parent.

Website: https://www.jantrabuephotography.com

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