John Gilderbloom

Chromatic Homes: The Joy of Color in Historic Places

Bright, vibrant, intriguing, and unique, chromatic homes are speckled across the world’s landscape. These historic houses and buildings are saturated with colors—often highlighting decorative woodwork and architecture—to enhance, revive, and regenerate various neighborhoods and communities. Highlighted in gorgeous detail are the relevance of the homes’ styles and colors as well as their history—many believed to have been around for decades in American cities such as Louisville, Cincinnati, San Francisco, New Orleans, and Miami, and around for centuries in far-flung places such as Havana, Cuba, Venice, Italy, and Moscow, Russia. Read more…

John Gilderbloom

John I. “Hans” Gilderbloom is a professor in the Graduate Planning, Public Administration, Public Health, and Urban Affairs programs at the University of Louisville, where he also directs the highly lauded Center for Sustainable Urban Neighborhoods. Considered one of the foremost urban thinkers of our time, he is the author of five books, 55 scholarly articles and op-eds in Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and Los Angeles Times. He wrote this book in his own chromatic home in Louisville, Kentucky, which was previously featured along with a separate profile in the New York Times.

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