Lauren Hudson

The Deception

The Deception, second in The Ascension trilogy, finds triplets Felix, Jinx, and Desdemona Anchor with little time to bask in the glory of their victory over Jane and her army of captive Asterians. What began as a competition to select the newest member of the Asterian Society quickly becomes a series of adventures that push the Anchors’ powers to their limits. Together, the Anchors must cross boundaries of time and space to confront a darkness seeking to ensnare the human race. Can three gifted teens that can see the past, present, and future remain united to ward off evil and fulfill their promise? Or, will a grand deception stand in the way of the Anchors’ quest to achieve their destiny?
Lauren Hudson
2017 Independent Author of the Year Lauren Hudson is a freshman at the University of Kentucky, where she studies neuroscience as a Singletary Scholar. Her YA fantasy fiction novels, The Ascension and The Deception, have won more than a dozen national and international awards, including a Readers’ Choice Medal, Mom’s Choice Gold, and the London Book Festival. Lauren first became a published author at age 13, when she co-authored Our Best Tomorrow, which led to numerous national television and syndicated radio appearances. She credits voracious reading, along with her multiple, wonderful public school teachers and librarians for her success as a young author, playwright, and screenwriter.

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Desdemona, Felix and Jinx live as only children in their ordinary houses with their ordinary parents. But on their fifteenth birthdays, at the stroke of midnight, they come to realize nothing is as it seems. Thrown into a world completely unknown, they learn the identity of their biological mother, Jane Anchor, a member of the mysterious Asterian race and a woman whose goal is terror and destruction. As the Anchor kids enter The House, a group of Asterians who secretly co-exist with us to help mankind, Jane sets a plot in motion to lure her progeny to a fortress atop Truchas Peak. Seven days is all the Anchor kids have to liberate Asterians from Jane’s threatened reign of terror. Can three naïve, yet powerful kids confront evil and preserve a community of guardian angels on earth?


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