Mark Wayne Adams

Outback: Bothers & Sinisters

For generations, the family tree records words and sing-song that wind deep in its core. Children playing in or around the tree may accidentally sever or uproot disturbing moments hidden in their Outback.

Adopting new words and terms helps better describe your Outback and how you lived it. Bothers & Sinisters readers are introduced to a variety of Australian, American, and Qweepie vernacular throughout the novel series. Choose to adopt or to adapt these terms in your Outback language using the “Language of the Outback” glossary included.

Outback is a book of magic and adventure that young readers will not soon forget. Adams’ characters amuse, frustrate, intrigue, and redeem us. Most importantly, Outback teaches us the wisdom of ‘family,’ ‘roots,’ and ‘home’—all of which make their own kind of magic in our everyday lives.”

—Jo Travis, retired English Teacher and Librarian


2016 Florida Authors and Publishers Association Silver Medalist, Juvenile Fiction

Mark Wayne Adams

Mark is an author, illustrator, and publisher of children’s books. His mother was a librarian and sparked his appreciation of books. Most everything he learned about drawing and writing was inspired by a library book. After earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in drawing from Murray State University in Murray, Kentucky, Mark moved to Florida. He worked for Walt Disney World, SeaWorld, was an art director, and managed a commercial printing company. For eleven years, Mark has been publishing and illustrating children’s books as well as presenting in schools.


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