Monique Fields


A young biracial girl looks around her world for her color. She finally chooses her own, and creates a new word for herself—honeysmoke.
Simone wants a color.
She asks Mama, “Am I black or white?”
“Boo,” Mama says, just like mamas do, “a color is just a word.”
She asks Daddy, “Am I black or white?”
“Well,” Daddy says, just like daddies do, “you’re a little bit of both.”
For multiracial children, and all children everywhere, this picture book offers a universal message that empowers young people to create their own self-identity.
Simone knows her color—she is honeysmoke.

Monique Fields

Monique Fields is an award-winning journalist. Her essays about race and identity have appeared on air, in print, and online, including NPR’s All Things ConsideredEbony magazine, and She is the founder and editor of, a site for parents raising multiracial children, and she is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. Monique lives in Alabama with her husband and their two daughters. She is the author of Honeysmoke: A Story of Finding Your Color.

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