Peggy Goodman

A Kentucky Family Reunion

A Kentucky Family Reunion is about families who are gather for their annual family reunion, with food and families entow. “Families pile into shiny new cars, mini-vans, and rusty old pickup trucks to travel over the hills and hollers of Kentucky to come together on their special day each year to celebrate family and share the wonderful food that represents who we are and where we’re from!”

Peggy Goodman

 Peggy Goodman began writing children’s books after retiring from teaching. She derives inspiration from real life situations that have touched her heart to create books with positive messages for children. She lives in beautiful south central Kentucky with her husband. In addition to A Kentucky Family Reunion, other titles that Peggy has written include Peg the Pie Lady comes to Town, What Happened to Nana’s Hair, What Kind of Dog Are You, and The Little Red Hen Hatches a Plan.

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