Shawn Lamb

Shield Maiden of Eldar

(Book 3 in the Eldar trilogy) Adjusting to life as an official princess proved difficult for Lexi. Feeling confined to Sener Castle, the freedom she yearned for seemed elusive. Her brother the king tries to encourage her about her duty as Shield Maiden. However, to Lexi, it is nothing more than stuffy royal duty.

When she is allowed to join Nollen on his annual trading circuit, she finally gets a taste of true freedom. It proves short-live, as an unexpected turn of events challenges everything Lexi believed about her position as Shield Maiden. It places her family in danger and threatens to bring war to Eldar! When she finally embraces her destiny, will it be too late?

Shawn Lamb

Shawn Lamb is multi-award winning author of fiction for ages 8 through adult, in the genres of fantasy and historical fiction. Since 2010, Shawn has appeared at comic cons and book festivals across the country. Shawn started her career in Hollywood as a screenwriter for children’s television during the 1980s. She received awards for excellence from the American Screenwriter’s Association, Gold Medal for fiction, and Editor’s Choice for fiction. Taking her knowledge and expertise, she created various fantasy series including Eldar, Allon, The Guardians of Allon, and The King’s Children.


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