Shutta Crum

Mouseling’s Words

In this lively introduction to the pleasure of words, a timid young mouse’s first trip out of the nest becomes a reading adventure. Mouseling has grown up surrounded by words, scraps of paper torn from menus. Once he leaves the nest, he decides that discovering words is his mission in life. The library offers a treasure trove of words, also danger: a cat. Publisher’s Weekly says of Mouseling’s Words, “a tribute to the way books can unite even the unlikeliest of friends.”

Shutta Crum

Shutta Crum is the author of several middle-grade novels and many picture books, poems and magazine articles. Thunder-Boomer! was an ALA and a Smithsonian Notable Book. Mine! was reviewed by the NY Times Book Review as “a delightful example of the drama and emotion that a nearly wordless book can convey.” Her books have made Bank Street College lists as well as state award lists. Mouseling’s Words (Clarion, 2017) and a reprint of the Kentucky-based Spitting Image are her latest books. Shutta is a native Kentuckian and her website is at

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