Susan B. Dyer

Joseph Holt Mansion: Saving & Restoring the Home of Lincoln’s Judge Advocate General

On a Sunday afternoon in 1997 while driving along State Highway 144 near Stephensport, Kentucky, Susan Dyer and her husband passed the Joseph Holt Mansion and her life changed forever. Originally built in the 1850s with some features dating to the 1870s — once part of Holt’s 10,000-acre estate — the home had been vacant for more than 50 years and deteriorated due to time, the elements, and lack of upkeep. Joseph Holt Mansion tells the story of Susan’s tireless efforts to save the Holt mansion, initially by bringing awareness to the historical importance of Judge Joseph Holt and the Holt home to the people of Breckinridge County, Kentucky. Read more…

Susan B. Dyer

Nine years ago, following publication of her biography about Judge Joseph Holt, President Abraham Lincoln’s Judge Advocate General, Susan Dyer began a roller coaster ride that has led to an upcoming renovation and ultimate salvation of the Holt Mansion in Breckinridge County. Her non-stop crusade is bearing fruit. Exterior renovation of the home began in 2013 and Joseph Holt is again being remembered for his remarkable contributions to his country and his dedication to the task of prosecuting those involved in the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. Dyer, a retired language arts teacher, is president of The Friends of the Holt Home, Inc., a member of the Holt Home Steering Committee and vice chair of the Kentucky Lincoln Heritage Trail Alliance. Dyer was educated at Western Kentucky University where she received her bachelor’s and masters degrees and Rank I designation in Education. She and her husband live in Breckinridge County and have two sons and a granddaughter.

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