Susan Eaddy

Poppy’s Best Babies

Poppy is verrrry excited. Her favorite person, and rockin’ grandma GeeGee, is coming for two whole weeks! Never mind that she is here to help with newborn twins Iris and Ivy, Poppy is sure that GeeGee came just to see her. But time after time GeeGee is called away to help with a crying baby or two. As the decibel level increases so does Poppy’s frustration. Finally, her jealousy transfers to GeeGee, now dubbed, “Worst Grandma,” and the twins become Worst Babies.

Susan Eaddy

Susan Eaddy works in her attic studio writing picture books and playing with clay. She was an Art Director for fifteen years, has served as a judge for the Audie Awards for 10 years, and has won international 3D illustration awards and a Grammy nomination. She is the author of Poppy’s Best Paper and Poppy’s Best Babies (illustrated by Rosalinde Bonnet) and the forthcoming Eenie Meenie Halloweenie. Her clay illustrated trade books include, My Love for You is the Sun by Julie Hedlund and Papa Fish’s Lullaby by Patricia Hubbell, and her clay artwork appears regularly in Babybug, Ladybug, Click and Spider magazines.

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