TJ Turner

Angel in the Fog

Molly Ferguson’s comfortable life unravels when her Louisiana home is burned to the ground, her family murdered, and she is enslaved in a Baltimore brothel. Amidst the threat of the Civil War, Molly learns of secessionist plans to assassinate President-elect Abraham Lincoln as he makes his way to Washington for his inauguration. She’s manages to pass this information on to a Pinkerton agent posing as a client. Impressed with her fortitude and intelligence, the Pinkerton Agency arranges for Molly’s freedom and brings her under the tutelage of Mrs. Kate Warne, America’s first female detective. After they save Mr. Lincoln in Baltimore, Molly is sent by the Pinkerton Agency into the Deep Southwhere the Civil War now ragesa spy behind enemy lines. Molly threads a thin line between revenge and redemption as she races to unravel a sinister plan that will doom the Union and allow the Confederacy to win the Civil Warwhile coming face to face with the demons from her tragic past.
TJ Turner
TJ Turner is a novelist, a historian, a research scientist, and a Federal Agent. He graduated from Cornell University and as a reserve military officer, he has served four tours in Afghanistan and was twice awarded the Bronze Star Medal (2013 and 2017). He is the author of three novels, all historical fiction set in and around the Civil War. His novel Lincoln’s Bodyguard won the 2016 International Book Award in Historical Fiction, and Land of Wolves won the 2017 Best Book Award in Historical Fiction as well as the 2018 Darrell Award as the best mid-south novel. His essay about his deployments to AfghanistanThe Power of Teddy Bearswas accepted and read on NPR’s This I Believe national essay series. Turner lives in central Ohio, with his wife, Nancy, and three children. Visit his website to learn more. 

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