Tommy Womack

Dust Bunnies: A Memoir

Tommy Womack’s first non-fiction work since 1995’s Cheese Chronicles is a rollicking, hair-raising, and damned funny, journey through the center of Tommy Womack’s battle-scarred mind. Zipping back and forth in time, from childhood to trying to find the gig in Boston to waking up in jail to memories of dad and high school, dust bunnies is about ADD, alcohol, Jesus, rehab, small-town Kentucky, depression, Tourette’s, rock and roll, life on the road, and life off the road. As Marshall Chapman has put it so sweetly, “I laughed, I cried, I nearly gagged once or twice.”

Tommy Womack

Singer-songwriter, author, humorist and Kentucky native Tommy Womack got his start in 1985 to 1992 with legendary Bowling Green based post-punk and college radio faves, Government Cheese (whose story is immortalized in Tommy’s cult classic book Cheese Chronicles). Upon moving to Nashville in 1992, Tommy’s become known for his long working relationship with Will Kimbrough, starting with their bands the bis-quits (who made one classic album for John Prine’s Oh Boy label in 1993), and their band Daddy, who have made two albums and enjoy a cult following. Since 1998, Tommy has released seven solo albums, the latest being the brand-new “Namaste”. He looks forward to the back half of 2016 with new songs from that record to play, in addition to such proven past show-stoppers as “Nice Day”, “Vicky Smith Blues” and “Alpha Male & the Canine Mystery Blood.” In addition to Cheese Chronicles, Tommy is the author of the comic Civil War novella The Lavender Boys & Elsie. He has written for many magazines, including the Oxford American, and is a regular contributor to The East Nashvillian. Tommy’s songs have been covered by Jimmy Buffett, Todd Snider, Jason and the Scorchers, the Del Lord’s Scott Kempner, Dan Baird & Homemade Sin, and others. He has lived in Nashville for 24 years, with his wife Beth and their son Nathan.

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