Tonya Matthews

A Girl’s Christmas Gone Perfectly Wrong

Portia has the perfect Christmas plan, including lots of presents from Santa and a special spot in the parade. But when everything goes wrong, what will Portia do?
Tonya Matthews
Tonya L. Matthews writer of Christian fiction, Treasure atop the Mountain & Roxie Applesauce, published two children’s books inn 2022: A Girl’s Christmas Gone Perfectly Wrong and A Boy Needs Santa Claus Because. To be released in 2023: Bobby Loves Blue (January), Portia Loves Purple (February), Yolanda Loves Yellow (March), Ozzie Loves Orange (April), Rosie Loves Red (May), Gage Loves Green (June). Tonya grew up on a family farm in northern Warren County. She graduated from Western Kentucky University and enjoyed a 20-year career with the Bowling Green Area Chamber of Commerce.

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