Are you a grammar geek? Do you love finding mistakes in books, articles, newspapers, etc? In honor of National Punctuation Day, we have put together a post of some of our favorite punctuation related memes.


Because we all hope Grandma will make the food, not be the food!


The Oxford comma: English drama, or necessary evil? We’d say the latter.


One sentence; two completely different meanings.


Ok. Sometimes the rules don’t make much sense.


Claws, pause, clause, paws. Say that 5 times fast.


It’s a beautiful day to save lives. Did you catch that reference?


We’re talking  Samuel Beckett-style, James Joyce-ian, William Faulkner-ish run-on sentences that will have you singing, “This is the sentence that never ends. Yes it goes on and on my friends…” Bet you can’t beat Jonathan Coe’s 13,955 word sentence in The Rotter’s Club. If you’re up for the challenge, maybe link to your feat instead of leaving it in the comments.

Do you have a favorite grammar meme? Share below!




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