Steve Adams

Now What? A Divorced Dad’s Guide to Parenting Excellence

After the ink dries on the divorce decree, how can fathers remain active and relevant in their kids’ lives? After his own divorce, author Steve Adams decided he wanted a more meaningful role in the lives of his children. He turned around his priorities, focused on parenting, and established a set of principles. They worked for him. He believes they’ll work for any divorced father.

“Being a committed father isn’t rocket science,” Adams says. “It’s much harder. Are you ready to take this on?”

Steve Adams

Steve Adams lives in Louisville, Kentucky, with his dog, Jack, and, as much as possible, with his children, Rachel and Carter. Rachel is a nursing student at Western Kentucky University, and Carter is a high school student in Louisville.

When Steve isn’t doing his full-time job, he’s a successful real estate agent. But his main occupation, for the past 10 years, has been as a father to his children after his divorce. It has become his new definition of success.

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