Trish Lindsey Jaggers

De-Composition: Rigor Mortis

Poetry is more often an act of de-composition–a deconstructing and reconstruction of the body of language lying prone, and otherwise senseless, before us. Rigor Mortis is the third of four stages of decomposition–when the body’s muscles “freeze,” lock in place. From small stupors delivered by a foot of snow to the crippling crush of caged children, the tension renders the body “frozen,” trapped in a place only de-composed words can reach.

Trish Lindsey Jaggers

Trish Lindsey Jaggers, author of De-Composition: Rigor Mortis (Local Gems Poetry Press, 2019) & Holonym: a collection of poems (Finishing Line Press, 2016) is an award-winning Kentucky poet. She earned her MFA in Creative Writing from Spalding University. She makes her home on a small farm in Chalybeate, Kentucky and is an assistant professor of English at Western Kentucky University where she teaches composition, literature, and creative writing and mentors a flock of young (and older) writers.

Trish wants things simple—no impossible-to-connect inferences meant for a limited audience. Her ”Crazy-Eights” goal as a poet is to, ”Create simply: Write so an eight-year-old can read it, an eighteen-year-old can understand it, and an eighty-year-old will have lived it.”

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